Winter Lark

Keep that song in your heart
like a Winter Lark

I wrote Winter Lark for my choir members during the second Lockdown of 2020. Winter Lark is a song of resilience and hope and a reminder, no matter how quietly, to never stop singing. Skylarks invariably start singing before dawn, so their voice is the first to be heard in the dawn chorus – and while they are quiet between November and January, they do sing throughout the year.

Choral singers across the country have seen a near virtual ban on singing during the pandemic   – with many choirs taking to Zoom for rehearsals and producing virtual choir videos.

This song is dedicated to the singers who took part in this project. and to Lockdown Larks everywhere 🙂

The virtual choir recording of Winter Lark premiered on the evening of December 21st, the winter solstice – the longest night of the year – on YouTube. Huge thanks to Scala radio for playing it on December 22nd.

We are supporting Christmas for CAMHS, a small charity which gives gifts to children and young people who are inpatient on mental health units over Christmas. If you enjoyed this song please do give what you can.

Music by Hannah Brine,
Lyrics by Hannah Brine, Michael Garvin and Niall Hollaert
Arranged by Jennifer Watson
Mixed and Mastered by John Meredith
Video by Jessica Boatright

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