Swing Patrol Singers

One of the first things I did when moving to London was to try out swing dance classes in Angel through a company called Swing Patrol. Little did I know that just a month in I would be signing up to weekend courses, buying dance shoes and generally getting a little bit obsessive about my new love of all things Lindy Hop – and apparently this is quite usual! I’ve learned the Shim Sham, the Tranky Do and can transition from 6 beat to 8 beat without going allĀ heebie jeebies that, while most popular music is counted in 8, dancing in 6 puts you regularly across the bar… all a bit weird for us musicians, but you soon get used to it!

I’m very excited to be putting together a special Swing Patrol Christmas choir for singing dancers – we perform on December 14th at the Swing Patrol Christmas Party and we’ll be singing some close harmony winter/swing tunes! In February we’ll be performing with the London Gay Men’s Big Band.

If you are a Swing Patrol dancer and want to Sing Sing Sing click here or email hannah@swingpatrol.co.uk. Tickets are now on sale here.

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